Hereford Open BJJ Competition March 23rd

Team Renegade went down to the Hereford Bjj Open today. Eight fighters showing great strength of character win or loose.
After each beating two opponents each, Chris King met Mohd Azriff Mohd Zuhurin in the finals of the under 64kg, and choked him with Azriff’s favourite sub the baseball bat choke.
Aram Warsan who trained mainly in Sweden before training with us, displayed a calm and collected game that got him into the under 70kg finals to get Silver.
Hakim even calmer maintained a cool composure against the type of guys who like to bully people with strength and muscle. Submitting the guy in his final with a head and arm choke in the senior under 88kg
Chris Sloan won two, lost his third, but went on to win two more by quick submissions to earn him a very well deserved bronze in the under 82kg
But my star is Soulayman Abou Salman who won his second match showing a much improved understanding of jiu jitsu.
Well done all!