Saw some great performances by the team today at the Hereford BJJ White Belt Open. Five competitors from Renegade:

Brenton Hardware lost his first fight despite almost arm barring his opponent. However he returned in the repechage to win his second fight by flying arm bar, the third by triangle, the fourth by head and arm triangle, the fifth by 9 points to an advantage, the sixth by triangle, and the seventh he fought the guy that he’d fought in the first match and this time he finished the arm bar! Bronze Medalist.

Sam Han lost his first against a very tough opponent, then won his second after staying calm and escaping a triangle going on to mount and almost arm bar his opponent, then won his third by a choke, dominating a much bigger guy. Bronze Medalist

Oliver Liburd won a scrappy first fight, but came back more composed for his second winning Gold

Aiden Lee lost his first, but came back to win the next two, triangling one of his opponents, lost in the fourth just missing out on a bronze. Great experience on his first Gi fight

André Raoni Castro Bilbrough won his first with an RNC, lost the next two, and again gained some invaluable experience from his first Gi Competition (taken up at very short notice)

BrentonHereford samHereford23

Brenton Hardware flying in his second fight: