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Reposted from Facebook private group:

“Some awesome performances as well as important lessons to learn at the Welsh No Gi Sub competition in Swansea today

Gold Tom Coffee who subbed all three of his opponents to win the under 80kg sub invitational. His last two fights showed an inspirational improvement in mental fortitude. Both his opponents are seasoned adult competitors that often win on their own dedication to do whatever it takes. This time Caughey focused, re-focused and proved that he could not only keep up with them but also surpass and submit them.

Gold Josh Boore first no gi competition, subbing all four of his opponents pulling out all the necessary moves to get the job done. I had planned to write how happy I was with Josh’s first fight if he had lost his second match, but Josh just kept on winning and fighting with great aptitude and awareness.
A little reckless in his third with some cocky pass attempts, but a great fourth match against an opponent who had “thugged” his way to the final. Always puts a smile on my face when a thug meets his match.

Silver Muaaz Shah, a little loose at times, but getting the job done with the foot locks, submitting his first opponent so quickly that it was over in a flash.
With the English No Gi Open coming up, all of you wanting to enter, you will need to remember this favours point players, so Muaaz you will need to get a lot tighter with your control positions

Aiden Lee (only 72kg) amazing performance in an above elite environment the 8 man under 80kg invitational. What struck me was Aiden’s ability to show no fear towards his first opponent, who clearly considered himself favourite (brown gold European champ – and yes Caughey subsequently subbed him).
After nearly being heel hooked twice, His opponent’s cocky expression was replaced with caution and respect.
Even though Aiden eventually lost, that fight for me was priceless.
Not being satisfied with his performance, Aiden jumped at the opportunity to fight another brown belt, and this time he redeemed himself with a heel hook.
Don’t be too harsh on him Tom Breese

Liam Corrigan self-pressure can make you ignore your victories. First fight, against what I thought was a very tough opponent in the 8 man tourney. Controlled and chased the sub all the way through the match eventually heel hooking him in style. Second match not to be, but against an opponent that both Caughey and myself considered toughest of them all.

Silver Assad Seyyed great performance at an elite level, switching from top passing control to a smooth leg attack. Lost his second, but displayed great movement, especially on the bottom.
Sometimes though you need to know your limitations and fighting fresh intermediates after you fought at elite might not be the best idea. For experience, I thought it was worth it and you learnt a lot.

Gold Jake Constantinou didn’t see your fights, but congratulations on fighting at the elite level. Hope to see you down more 🙂

Some lessons. The old motto still stands. “You get out what you put in”.
I think we are going to have to say NO to people who want to compete under our banner, but don’t train on a regular basis with us.

One fight, in particular, was painfully frustrating.
But it isn’t even about regular training. It’s about LISTENING & LEARNING. If you can’t do this, then in my honest opinion you cannot represent our team.

If you try to do this 100% then I cannot see, unless you have some hidden issues, how you cannot fail to improve. I am not talking about elite level where everything becomes a lot more complicated both on and off the mat, but at the basic foundation.

If you have trust in us then work on your foundation, if you don’t then find another construction company!”