“There are many paths to getting a black belt. For me, the one that Breese has taken receives my utmost respect and admiration.

Over the years that I have known Tom, I have never seen him falter from dealing with the struggle that is called self improvement.
Struggle whether it is in the mind; facing fears having moments of doubt. Or whether it is the physical; being injured unable to achieve the original goals that you set yourself.

In my eyes, being successful is not determined by how easy your road is, but by how
determined you are to find and overcome the obstacles that will make you into who and what you are.

Whether he is on a winning streak or taking some losses, the question is always the same for him. How can one improve oneself from these experiences?

It’s easy to forget that Breese is still a young man, for all the maturity he has shown. For many, as well as myself, it could be said that he is a father figure, someone to look up to: for his work ethic; for constantly striving to be better; and for the passion he shows towards making Team Renegade an outstanding club to train at.”