About the Classes

Fundamental BJJ & Fundamental Submission Grappling
In these classes, we demo techniques, and then help you to drill them. We also include solo and partner exercises that introduce you to movements that will further develop your training in general.
These sessions are ideal for beginners and can consist of warm ups, takedowns from standing, solo and partner drilling, situational sparring, sparring, as well as the techniques themselves.
Lessons are open to adults & youth from the age of 13.
For these classes you will need a Gi (kimono) for BJJ and shorts and rashguard or tee shirt for Submission Grappling.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
These classes follow a similar format to that of the fundamental BJJ classes with the exception that they are physically and mentally more demanding, often delving into competition scenarios and consisting of  intense situational and sparring rounds.
Students are expected to have sparring experience and be able to adapt to different expectations.
For these classes you will need a Gi (kimono).

Kids BJJ 
For ages 7 to 15, these classes are ideal for children wanting to do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu amongst their peers and in a fun environment. That being said, there is a strict code of conduct and both children and parents need to understand the club’s ethos.

Submission Grappling
The long term aim of these classes is to teach students to chain submission attacks up and down the body. Studying heel hooks alongside arm bars and rear naked chokes.
A lesson is often broken down into technique drilling and then around half an hour of sparring.
Beginners can attend these classes, however you need to come focused and ready to spar.
You need a pair of shorts and tee shirt, although a rashguard and grappling/MMA shorts are better.

MMA Grappling
These classes are for students who are already fighting in either amateur or professional MMA.
Students with solid grappling experience may also attend.

Fundamental Kickboxing
For all levels and complete beginners are very welcome.
You will need 16 oz gloves and shin pads that also protect the insteps.

Time dedicated to the art of Wrestling. All levels welcome as this is an opportunity to work on the wrestling aspects of grappling.

Open Mat
Time after class for students to either continue sparring, rolling, drilling, stretching, asking questions or just chilling

Extra Drilling
Unsupervised by the coaches, students can arrange times with other students to drill and practice their game and go over their strengths and weaknesses. Focused and intelligent practice will speed up the learning process.
You need to be a member, inform us that what time you will be training, and sweep the mat area afterwards.