About BJJ at Renegade

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a contact martial art, combat sport and a self defence system that focuses on grappling, and especially ground fighting. By using leverage and proper technique it can help a smaller, weaker person, successfully defend against a bigger, stronger assailant.

At Renegade you will learn to gradually increase the mobility of both your body and mind, by drilling specific techniques to deal with a variety of positional scenarios. This learning will be reinforced in situational sparring against a resisting opponent. Consistent training (2/3 times a week minimum) will improve your speed, endurance, and flexibility.

The emphasis at the club is on mutual help and respect in developing an individual’s grappling skill. We always train with resistance in everything we do, but that resistance must be intelligent, tailored and focused on helping each other to improve.

The question of the practicality of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a form of self defence is sometimes raised. You should not want to end up on the floor in a fight, you should avoid confrontations at all costs, but when you can’t and you do end up on the ground, the training you have had from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu should give you more confidence to deal with an unarmed situation.

When we spar we do not spar to maim or hurt each other, however, there will definitely be in the years of experience that you will have from grappling, characters that try all out to submit you, perhaps unintentionally flying elbows and knees, getting hit in the groin and face, twisting and bending fingers back, putting submissions on without control, and throwing their complete weight and strength at you regardless of their size and yours.
In those situations, as a more experienced grappler, you will learn to deal with this in a manner that protects yourself and your partner. Dealing with these “confrontations” is an excellent step towards building confidence in dealing with real life situations, and making you realise that if this is what can happen in a controlled environment, imagine how worse it can be with someone who intentionally wants to do damage.

All our main classes also have at least a half hour focus on the standing game. Borrowing from Judo and wrestling we understand the need to feel confident both on the ground and on your feet. After all fights on and off the mat predominantly start from standing.

A little bit about the Team:

We have some serious competitors training alongside those who are just interested in improving their understanding of the art. Regardless, a competitive mindset is encouraged and although you will get fit and strong from training with us, that is not our primary goal.

Our main aim is to get you to be as good as you can be without false hope or the notion that what we do is for everyone. Belt promotions are not important, in a fight, no one cares. If you are not focused on improving your skill level then you will not go far here.

BJJ clubs may have differing views on what is considered skilful, but for us, the ability to move and react as efficiently as possible in order to suppress an attack and dominate your opponent are paramount.
Proving the above is simple but far from easy. If you can spar 10 x 6-minute rounds without feeling exhausted or muscle fatigue in what we term endurance rounds as opposed to competitive rounds then you are on your way.
Competition training is another story.

At the main gym above Poundland, no women are allowed to train. For me personally, this is very unfortunate, but at the time of setting up a school, the owner bent over backward to help me and has continued to do so.
Mixed classes are available at the Fearless MMA location and there will soon be classes at Cocksmoor Leisure center (early morning)
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is well suited to women, but for those who prefer not to train with men, we have just begun a women & children (aged 11 to 16) class at Bishop Challoner sports centre.

(Updated 18th May 2017)


4 thoughts on “About BJJ at Renegade”

  1. Hello I wish to join can I Just turn up ?

    • Hi Paul, yes, turn up to any of the sessions. You will need a Gi(Kimono), but we have a few spare ones that we can lend you if they’re not already out.

  2. Hi.
    Who is the teacher for the women’s class and is that including males between 11-16?

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