Chiu Kwong Man
“My maxim is intelligence over strength, strength over excuses, belief above all.”

Using intelligence, fighting can be regarded as a problem solving exercise, thinking out of the box, if necessary, to select the most appropriate responses for whatever situation one may face in the most efficient way possible.
Strength is needed to not make excuses about age, weight, physique or disposition in life. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, our highs and lows, but it is our ability to be honest and driven about what it is we want to achieve that counts.

“Belief for me is everything. A big part of my training is to build absolute conviction in what I do. Knowing that more knowledge is always around the corner, and that the learning process is an endless journey of struggle.”

No longer competing himself, Chiu is keen to help build and coach an aspiring competitive team.
(* Began in August 2002. In January 2010 was awarded his black belt by Braulio Estima)

Competition achievements:
1st London Open – 01/04/2003 Male Master 76kg Blue Gi – Gold
2003 Gracie Invitational – 26/10/2003 Male Master 76kg Blue Gi – Gold
2004 Gracie Invitational – 01/01/2004 Male Master 76kg Blue Gi – Bronze
2nd London Open – 06/08/2004 Male Master 76kg Blue Gi – Gold
2006 Gracie Invitational – 06/05/2006 Male Adult 76kg Purple Gi – Gold
2008 Gracie Invitational – 01/04/2008 Male Master 76kg Brown Gi – Silver
North of England Grappling – 31/05/2008 Championship Male Adult 73kg – Gold
FILA UK Grappling Trials – 01/10/2008 Male Adult Advanced No Gi – Gold
FILA Grappling World Championship 2008 rank 11th in 70kg



UFC fighter Tom Breese is a BJJ black Belt who spent several years at Tristar, Montreal learning from some of the best and honing his skills as an MMA fighter.
Often travelling down to New York to the Renzo academy, Tom advanced his knowledge and skills in grappling, training with Gordon Ryan and Eddie Cummings under the tutelage of John Danaher.
If one word could summarise Tom Breese it would be commitment. You will find Tom most days on the mat or in the ring training.
Tom takes the Submission Grappling classes, specialising in attacking all areas of the  body that are allowed in high level competitions such as ADCC, NAGA and Grapplers Quest.
What to expect from one of Tom’s classes can be read from the following quote:
“I like to teach how I like to train. I show a few techniques on a certain position/submission, do live situation rounds so person gets the opportunity to practice it live many times. Then go into live competition rolling fully warmed up.”
(In July 2018, Tom was awarded his black belt by Chiu Kwong Man / Jude Samuel)

Competition achievements:
British Junior Freestyle Wrestling Champion 84kg
English Junior Freestyle Wrestling 84kg – Bronze
Naga Light Heavyweight Blue Gi – Gold
IBJJF No Gi World Championships Adult Medium Heavy Purple – Silver
Kleos 2016 No Gi Brown – Double Gold
Polaris Invitational 4 – Winner
Eddie Bravo Invitational 9 – Competitor
British 2018 No Gi Heavyweight Brown – Gold (Open Weight – Silver)
Amateur MMA record 8-0-1
Amateur MMA champion
Professional MMA record 11-1
BAMMA Welterweight Champion
Current UFC fighter



Akeem Khan began training BJJ in December 2012 aged 21. From day one Akeem took to BJJ enthusiastically. What fascinated Akeem most was the whole ideology behind learning from doing specific movements and reactions in relation to combat sports.

“I really fell in love with the movement that is used in BJJ. After a short time I started to enter competitions which really helped me understand myself and how I could make my jiu jitsu more effective.”

Akeem has competed in countless competitions travelling all over the country as well as internationally to test himself. He has since become an integral part of the competition coaching team.

“I try to use my knowledge of positions and situations learnt from competitions to help educate fellow team members who have yet to gain those experiences. When I first started, so many people helped influence my style and my approach and I like how that exchange happens in the sport, I’m hopeful I can add to that.”

Competition achievements:
London Winter International IBJJF Open 2015 Adult Heavy Blue Gi – Silver (Absolute – Bronze)
London Fall IBJJF 2015 Adult Heavy Blue Gi – Bronze
British Open 2016 Adult Heavy Blue Gi – Gold
British Nationals IBJJF 2016 Adult Heavy Blue Gi – Gold
London Fall International IBJJF 2016 Adult Heavy Blue Gi – Silver
London Fall International IBJJF 2017 Adult Heavy Purple Gi – Silver
English Open Heavyweight Adult Heavy Purple Gi – Silver
UAEJJF British Nationals 2018 Adult Heavy Purple Gi – Bronze
UAEJJF Netherlands Nationals 2018 Adult Heavy Purple Gi – Bronze
UAEJJF London Grand Slam 2018 Adult Heavy Purple Gi – Silver
UAEJJF Zagreb International 2018 Adult Heavy Purple Gi – Silver
Paris Spring International IBJJF 2018 Adult HeavyPurple Gi – Gold
British Nationals IBJJF 2018 Heavy Adult Heavy Gi – Gold


WhatsApp Image 2018-03-23 at 15.08.37

Cage Warriors’ fighter Aiden Lee is an up and coming prodigy of Tom Breese.
Aiden has a wealth of experience and knowledge in kickboxing, Thai boxing and MMA.
Pro MMA Fighter 6-2 (3 submissions, 1KO).
British Amateur MMA champion.
Professional K1 champion.

Aiden had also competed in several submission only competitions beating some tough competitors along the way. He is currently a Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.



Tom “T Rex” Caughey started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu back in December 2010. He received his black belt in February of 2017.

Infamous for his relentless attacks and finishes on the legs, Tom teaches a submission grappling class at Fearless MMA on Thursday nights imparting knowledge on his own very effective brand of grappling.

“positionally I have always been a fan of attacking the lower half of the body as I find most practitioners spend less time training to defend these areas thus providing us a weakness to capitalise upon”

Competition achievements:
British Open No Gi – Sept 2012 – Middle Blue – Gold
Hereford Open – Feb 2013 – Middle Heavy Purple – Bronze
Hereford Open – Feb 2013 – Purple Absolute – Bronze
Subf15teen – Mar 3013 – Win by Submission Middle weight
Hereford Open – June 2013 – Middle Heavy Purple Gold
British Open Grappling Championship No Gi – July 2013 – Middle Heavy Advanced GoldSub North No Gi championship – August 2013 – Middle Heavy Advanced Gold
Sub Zero Submission only – October 13 – Middle Heavy Advanced Category – Gold
Welsh Open No Gi – October 13 – Middle Heavy Purple Silver
Sub North- November 13 – Middle Purple Silver
Hereford Open – December 2013 – Middle Purple Bronze
Hereford Open – December 2013 – Absolute Purple Silver
Welsh Open – Gi Apr-14 Middle Purple Gold
Midland Open – Gi Jun-14 Middle Purple Gold
Midland Open – No gi Jun-14 Middle Heavy Purple Silver
Naga Aug-14 Middle Purple Gold
British Open No Gi Sep-14 Middle Purple Gold
IBJJF Worlds No gi Oct-14 Middle Heavy Purple Bronze
English Open Mar-15 Middle Brown Gold
Hereford Open Mar-15 Middle Heavy Brown Bronze
British Open Gi May-15 Middle Heavy Brown Bronze
Birmingham Open No gi Jun-15 Middle Heavy  Brown Belt Gold
Birmingham Open No gi Jun-15 Middle Heavy  Brown/ Black Absolute Gold
Birmingham Open Gi Jun-15 Middle Heavy Brown Belt Gold
British Open No gi Sep-15 Middle Heavy  Brown Belt Gold
IBJJF London Fall International Open Oct-17th  2015 Middle Heavy Brown Belt Bronze
IBJJF Pan Jiu Jitsu No Gi Championship Oct-01st 2016 Master 1 Middle Brown Belt Gold
NAGA No Gi April 8, 2017, Silver Adult
NAGA No Gi April 8, 2017, Gold Masters
NAGA GI April 8, 2017 Gold
Welsh under 80kg Submission Only 8 man Invitational Champion April 15th 2017


Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 16.12.56

Brown belt Jules Khan (AKA Julie) is a great believer in the fundamentals and basics of BJJ and loves to get back to basics when teaching or sparring.
He has a strong ability to breakdown moves to simple components in an easy to understand manner for new recruits.
Loves sparring hard, and does not believe in sticking with weight categories when sparring! If sparring intelligently, then every opponent should be seen as a teacher with different problems to overcome.

Competition achievements:
Nottingham Open 2012 Adult Feather White Gi – Gold
Hereford Open 2013 Adult Super Feather Blue Gi – Gold
Hereford Open 2014 Adult Super Feather Blue Gi – Gold
British Open 2014 Adult Feather Blue No Gi – Bronze
British Open 2015 Adult Super Feather Blue Gi – Gold
British Open 2016 Adult Super Feather Blue No Gi – Silver
British Open 2017 Masters 1 Feather Purple Gi – Silver



Dani Khalid has become very passionate about the sporting aspect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling. A recent addition to the coaching team, Dani will spend hours watching competition footage from various major tournaments, in order to better understand and pass over details and concepts in his classes.

“I believe that watching and analysing high level competitors has helped me gain a greater insight into many different styles, concepts and approaches to jiu jitsu in general and for competition”

Based on Dani’s obsession and growing expertise surrounding leg locks, it seemed only natural to ask him to coach one of our specialist grappling classes – No Gi Leg Locks.
Dani is highly motivated, a fearless competitor and driven to win. One of his own personal goals in jiu jitsu is to create and to have a style of jiu jitsu which allows him to be competitive at the elite level within a multitude of different rulesets in both Gi and No Gi, from International IBJJF comps to the ADCC.

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