Chiu Kwong Man began training back in August 2002. In January 2010, he was the first person to be awarded a black belt by Braulio Estima.
He firmly believes in the little man being able to outwit and out leverage the bigger man, although he is also aware of the importance of such attributes as strength, conditioning and flexibility.
“My maxim is intelligence over strength, strength over excuses, belief above all. Intelligence comes from regarding fighting as a problem solving exercise. Training to think out of the box, selecting the most appropriate tools for whatever situation one may face.
Strength of mind is required to not make excuses about age, weight or physique.
Belief is everything. A big part of training is to build absolute conviction in what one does. That conviction grows from being focused and committed, and of course takes time and patience.”
Although no longer competing himself, Chiu is keen to build and coach an aspiring competitive team teaching most of the Gi Classes and a couple of Submission Grappling per week.

Competition achievements:
1st London Open – 01/04/2003 Male Master 76kg Blue Gi – Gold
2003 Gracie Invitational – 26/10/2003 Male master 76kg Blue Gi – Gold
2004 Gracie Invitational – 01/01/2004 Male master 76kg Blue Gi – Bronze
2nd London Open 06/08/2004 Male Master 76kg Blue Gi – Gold
2006 Gracie Invitational 06/05/2006 Male Adult 76kg Purple Gi – Gold
2008 Gracie Invitational 01/04/2008 Male Master 76kg Brown Gi – Silver
North of England Grappling 31/05/2008 Championship Male Adult 73kg – Gold
FILA UK Grappling Trials 01/10/2008 Male Adult Advanced No Gi – Gold
FILA grappling world championship 2008 rank 11th in 70kg


UFC fighter Tom Breese is a Firas Zahabi Brown belt who spent several years at Tristar, Montreal learning from some of the best and honing his skills as an MMA fighter.
Often travelling down to New York to the Renzo academy, Tom advanced his knowledge and skills in grappling, training with Gordon Ryan and Eddie Cummings under the tutelage of John Danaher.
If one word could summarise Tom Breese it would be Commitment. You will find Tom most days on the mat or in the ring training.
Tom takes the Submission Grappling Pro classes, so called because all attacks on the body that are allowed in high level competitions such as ADCC, NAGA and Grapplers Quest are studied.
What to expect from one of Tom’s classes can be read from the following quote:
“I like to teach how I like to train. I show a few techniques on a certain position/submission, do live situation rounds so person gets the opportunity to practice it live many times. Then go into live competition rolling fully warmed up.”

Some of Tom’s major Competition achievements:
Amatuer MMA record 8-0-1
Amatuer MMA champion
Professional MMA record 10-1
BAMMA welterweight Champion
UFC fighter
British Junior freestyle wrestling champion -84kg
English juniors freestyle wrestling -84kg – Bronze
Naga Blue belt Gi light heavyweight- Gold
IBJJF NO GI world championships Adult medium heavy purple belt- Silver
Kleos 2016 Brown Belt No Gi Double Gold
Polaris Invitational 4 – Winner
Eddie Bravo Invitational 09 – Competitor


Tom “T Rex” Caughey started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu back in December 2010. He received his black belt in February of 2017.
Infamous for his relentless attacks and finishes on the legs, Tom teaches a submission grappling class at Fearless MMA on Thursday nights imparting knowledge on his own very effective brand of grappling.
“positionally I have always been a fan of attacking the lower half of the body as I find most practitioners spend less time training to defend these areas thus providing us a weakness to capitalise upon”

Competition achievements:
Ground Control NoGi – May 2011 – Middle Heavy White Bronze
UMA No Gi – Dec 2011 – Middle Heavy White  Gold
British Open No Gi – Sept 2012 – Middle Blue – Gold
Hereford Open – Feb 2013 – Middle Heavy Purple – Bronze
Hereford Open – Feb 2013 – Purple Absolute – Bronze
Subf15teen – Mar 3013 – Win by Submission Middle weight
Hereford Open – June 2013 – Middle Heavy Purple Gold
British Open Grappling Championship No Gi – July 2013 – Middle Heavy Advanced – Gold
Sub North No Gi championship – August 2013 – Middle Heavy Advanced Gold
Sub Zero Submission only – October 13 – Middle Heavy Advanced Category – Gold
Welsh Open No Gi – October 13 – Middle Heavy Purple Silver
Sub North- November 13 – Middle Purple Silver
Hereford Open – December 2013 – Middle Purple Bronze
Hereford Open – December 2013 – Absolute Purple Silver
Welsh Open – Gi Apr-14 Middle Purple Gold
UMA – No Gi May-14 Middle Heavy Purple Gold
UMA Gi May-14 Middle Heavy Purple Gold
Midland Open – Gi Jun-14 Middle Purple Gold
Midland Open – No gi Jun-14 Middle Heavy Purple Silver
Naga Aug-14 Middle Purple Gold
British Open No Gi Sep-14 Middle Purple Gold
IBJJF Worlds No gi Oct-14 Middle Heavy Purple Bronze
English Open Mar-15 Middle Brown Gold
Hereford Open Mar-15 Middle Heavy Brown Bronze
British Open Gi May-15 Middle Heavy Brown Bronze
Birmingham Open No gi Jun-15 Middle Heavy  Brown Belt Gold
Birmingham Open No gi Jun-15 Middle Heavy  Brown/ Black Absolute Gold
Birmingham Open Gi Jun-15 Middle Heavy Brown Belt Gold
British Open No gi Sep-15 Middle Heavy  Brown Belt Gold
IBJJF London Fall International Open Oct-17th  2015 Middle Heavy Brown Belt Bronze
IBJJF Pan Jiu Jitsu No Gi Championship Oct-01st 2016 Master 1 Middle Brown Belt Gold
NAGA No Gi April 8, 2017, Silver Adult
NAGA No Gi April 8, 2017, Gold Masters
NAGA GI April 8, 2017 Gold
Welsh under 80kg Submission Only 8 man Invitational Champion April 15th 2017


Pro MMA fighter Chris Miah is a Kevin Webb BJJ Purple Belt. Chris, like Tom Breese, is constantly trying to better himself, training half the week in London with the likes of Brad Pickett at Titan MMA, as well as flying over to train at American Top Team in Florida USA.
Chris takes the Wednesday day time MMA Grappling class as well as helping out with the wrestling on Friday evening classes. His style of fighting can be defined by his following statement:
“I try to wear down an opponent with top pressure making them give up a submission or vulnerable position”
(In our opinion BJJ & grappling can be made more effective as a form of self defence if knowledge and ideas from MMA & wrestling are encouraged)

Amateur MMA record 7-0-1
Professional MMA record 7-1
UMA No Gi Novice – Gold
UMA No Gi Intermediate – Gold
UMA No Gi Advanced – Gold
Welsh Open Blue Belt Light feather – Gold
Midlands Open Blue Belt Light Feather – Gold
Blackpool Open Blue Belt Light Feather – Gold
Nottingham Open Blue Belt Feather – Silver
Hereford Open Blue Belt Feather – Bronze
World Pro Trials Blue Light Feather – Bronze
Bristol Open Purple Feather – Silver


Assad Seyyed started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in July 2014, receiving his blue belt from Chiu Kwong Man in May 2016.
Assad prefers a conceptual rather than technique based approach, believing that different techniques and variations work for different people based on body type, physical attributes and mental mind set.
A big advocate of not competitively rolling all the time, as this can lead to stagnation and lack of development, Assad gets his students to focus on drilling, followed by situational sparring, and then controlled rolling, as well as competition sparring.

Competition achievements
Birmingham Open – June 2015 –  White Light Masters 1 – Gold
Leicester No gi Open – November 2015 – Beginner u77  – Silver
Hereford Open – February 2016 – White Light – Bronze
English No gi Open – March 2016 – White Masters 1 Light – Gold
Grapplenation – March 2016 – White Light Masters – Double Gold
Chelmsford Open – July 2016 – Blue Light Adult No gi, Masters Gi – Double Bronze
Empire Grappling – April 2017 – Blue Masters Light– Silver and Bronze
Naga UK – April 2017- Blue/Intermediate Masters Light – Silver and Gold
Welsh No gi Open – April 2017 – Elite 77kg – Silver


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