Beginners BJJ

Beginners BJJ
Monday at 6:00 pm, Wednesday at 8:00 pm and Saturday at 10:30 am. These are classes for people who see themselves as total beginners. Here you will be put through some basic conditioning; some mobility drills; learn how to fall and protect yourself; and of course basic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques. There is a twelve week program that continuously loops and you can join in at any time.
Lessons are open to adults & youth from the age of 13.
For these classes you will need a Gi (kimono) for BJJ

Another Good weekend Competing

Saturday No Gi Ramping it Up

On Tuesday’s at 7:00 pm we have the war of the Gi Players, tearing the rounds up and looking for scalps. On Thursdays Midday and Friday evenings at 8:00 pm we have focused drilling and situational sparring. Now on Saturday it’s time for the No Gi guys to get a chance to develop that competitive mindset, with focused drills, situational sparring followed by rounds.