Kaizen Lancaster down for a visit


The guys from Kaizen Academy in Lancaster came to visit today. Always great to roll with new faces


Welsh Sub Invitational

Represented by Tom Caughey in a Sub only invitational and Mo Gulamo, in a Gi comp, were he lost his first, and then won five in a row beating the guy who beat him in the first match. Both Tom & Gulamo earning Silver



a few pictures from this weeks training


We took a team of 11 down today to a small competition in Cheltenham.
For almost half the team it was their first time competing. Some of the seasoned competitors had smaller brackets but there were still tough fights to be had.
Star of the day was Mohammed Gulamo who took all three of his opponents down, controlled them in north-south and submitted all by americanas without conceding a single point.

Best memory of the day was the look on Matt’s face who had won one, lost his second and not medalled. The shear delight at having competed, and the anticipation to enter the next possible competition… priceless

We did manage to collect 4 Golds, 3 Silvers and a default Bronze:

Jonathan Wilson Adult Blue Middle Gold
Daniel Hermon Souza Adult Blue Middle Silver
Aubrey Sykes Adult Blue Feather Gold
Nehal Hussain Adult Blue Rooster Gold
Nehal Hussain Adult Blue Light Feather Silver
Mohammed Gulamo Adult White Heavy Gold
Mo Ansari Juvenile white Light Feather Silver

Saturday Classes

New Leg lock Classes

We have added 4 Leg Lock specific classes to our timetable.

2 No Gi and 2 Gi.

Classes will be taught by @caugheytom @breesemma and @chiukwongman check timetable for class times. #teamrenegadebjj #leglocks #bjj#bjjbirmingham