Schedule & Cost

Team Renegade at Fitness4life above Poundland on the Kings Heath High Street
Team Renegade at Fearless MMA in Hockley (Classes in Orange):
(If you pay monthly at Kings Heath the classes at Fearless are inclusive)

(Schedule Updated October 22nd 2018) – (Click table to enlarge in new window)

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 20.45.17
Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 00.13.41

£55 a month for unlimited Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling, MMA, Kickboxing, Yoga (*excluding MMA Team Classes) & Gym Membership Included
£45 a month for Uni, College students and Unemployed for unlimited Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling, MMA, Kickboxing, Yoga (*excluding MMA Team Classes) & Gym Membership Included
£40 For Women for unlimited Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Submission Grappling, MMA, Kickboxing & Yoga Gym Membership cannot be Included (gym policy)
£30 for Youth 13 to 17 (Beginner & Fundamental classes only unless agreed)
Gym Membership cannot be Included (gym policy)
£30 for Kids 7 to 15 (Only kids classes from 7 to 12 unless agreed)
Gym Membership cannot be Included (gym policy)

Alternatively Adults £10 Day Pass
Non member Yoga Drop In £5

For Gi Classes, you will also need to purchase a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kimono/gi (Cheapest being around £50 which can be bought by yourselves or with our assistance, a Judo Gi can also be used as an alternative)
For Submission Grappling just a tee shirt and a pair of shorts are fine, to begin with.
For MMA & Kick boxing please ask the coaches

You will also need to become a member of the UKBJJA for insurance purposes which cost £15 pounds paid annually through:

47 thoughts on “Schedule & Cost”

  1. Hi Thomas, they are on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesday starts at 6:15 and Friday 6:30

  2. Is there a new class on mondays thanks

  3. Hi, is there only one no Gi class per week in the fitness4life above poundland: (wed at 12) Thanks.

  4. Hi,can you please confirm the timetable on here is correct? As I went in the gym and it was totally different. Can you confirm there is a day class on a Monday? Thanks.

    • sorry, don’t know if we replied to you. The timetable on here is the correct timetable. They’ve updated the system at the gym too. Sorry for the inconvenience, best, chiu

  5. Love_Jiujitsu said:


    love your website 🙂 great to know your not asking for minimum 6 month subscription via Direct debit 🙂

    What’s the turnout like at the Friday no gi roll? and does it cost £6?

    • hi jack, no contracts, if you enjoy training with us then it’s £6 a class, if you enjoy training lots with us then you can pay a monthly fee instead, and you can switch at your convenience.

      We usually get around half a dozen or more for the 11:00 am roll, but during Ramadan they’ll be a fair few missing

  6. Joseph Adams said:

    Hiya amazing website 🙂 can see the passion you guys have.

    Please can you let me know if the no gi grappling class’s in kings heath are still running?

    What will i need to attend a class? Sorry i am new to this and really haven’t got a clue and have never attended a martial arts class. Hope you can help guys.Sorry for the stupid questions 😀

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Joseph,

      Yes they are still running. Just as the schedule indicates. Best classes to attend are the fundamental ones, though you can attend the no gi ones if you wish. For submission Grappling: shorts & rashguard preferred but tee shirt will do. For all other classes you will need a gi/kimono. We can probably lend you a top

      • Joseph Adams said:

        Thanks , i guess I’ll try the Fundamental Gi Classes too. Finally who is currently instructing the No GI classes in Kings Heath? Is it still Mr Breese and Mr Miah?

        Many thanks Joey (Joseph)

      • Yes, unless they are away on training camps or competitions Tom Breese teaches on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday daytime, Chris Miah on Wednesday day and Friday evening. Myself and Tom Caughey on Monday and Thursday evening at Fearless.

  7. Joseph Adams said:

    Thanks for your help and information . I will be starting first week of April fingers crossed. Cheers Joey.

  8. Hi,
    There are different types of BJJ classes can you explain each of them please. Also what is Gi Class?

    • Hi Ubaid. The submission Grappling classes are without a Kimono. Dressed in either rashguard or tee shirt and shorts /spats you learn to grapple, control and submit your opponent. Similar to what you may see in mixed martial arts. The BJJ Gi classes are where you wear a Kimono similar to that in Judo, and you focus on controlling and submitting your opponent with the added use of gripping your opponents jacket or trousers. The Fundamental classes are all with Gi and are suitable for beginners, but you are welcome to attend any of the classes to see what suits you.

  9. Hi, I want to come and train but have never done BJJ before so don’t have a gi. Would that mean I’d be better starting with a no gi class or could I do a BJJ fundimentals class without one to start with before buying a gi if I like it?

  10. Also how much is just a session

  11. Hi, I’m a complete novice looking to do something in terms of martial arts, do you have specific beginners classes or do you just rock up to a regular class? Do you have to learn any Portuguese for the BJJ? Thanks.

  12. Will somerton said:

    Hi, i have been viewing your wensite about mma: kickboxing. I am a begiiner and have never done anything like this before. Is your classes for beginners or not? Can you please send some info over

    • Hi Will, the Fundamental kickboxing on Monday at 8pm and Thursday at 6pm is ideal for beginners. Before doing any of the mma classes you should attend the fundamental submission grappling or submission grappling classes

  13. Chevez Davies said:

    When can I come to start training and can I have one to ones lessons??

  14. I want to start this week, although I have only never done a little bit of boxing in the past. Will I need a gi before I come to the classes. Where can I get one from?

    Look forward to your response.

  15. Hi. I’m looking into trying something new / challenging and heard jiu jitsu was a brilliant sport to try. So the reason for my message is I just have a few questions about the best route to go.

    I’m limited to what I can do with work, I usually finish around 6:30 so would only be able to attend something in the evening.

    If you could get back to me I would appreciate it, cheers.

  16. Jack Byng said:


    Myself and a couple of friends are interested in enrolling at your club. We are hoping to drop into either a fundamental kickboxing or bjj class, within the next week or so.

    Is it okay to drop into any fundamentals class? Would there be an option to borrow a gi for the first class or two, until we can get our own? Also is there any parking near the gym?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Jack, yes please do drop into a fundamental class. If you have no experience at all the beginners BJJ classes on Monday at 6:00 pm Wednesday 8:00 pm and Saturday 10:30 am are better still, but you can do the fundamentals on top of that.
      and we can probably lend you a gi
      parking behind the gym, park further up the side street and it’s free, the parking I think costs until 7:00 pm


  17. Hi.

    looking to join up and try to attend classes as much as possible, just wondering how much extra per pcm is the team mma classes. also i’m a complete beginner if that makes any difference..

    • hi Jay if you are a complete beginner you won’t be doing the MMA Team classes. Beginners can only do the beginner and fundamental classes and some of submission grappling classes if they can keep up

  18. Hi,
    I apologize for this long winded 3 part question.

    1) I am interested in joining the Beginners BJJ, Fundamental Submission Grappling, Fundamental Kickboxing and Submission Grappling/Leg Lock Class. What will I need to start each class (uniform, forms to fill in etc) as I am away for two weeks so can order any items before I do start.

    2) What is the difference between Wrestling and Wrestling Drills and can a total beginner take part in both these activities along with the ones mentioned above?

    Also, am I correct in assuming these all take place in the Kings Heath gym?


    • 1/ you’ll need a BJJ Gi which we can purchase for you at £50, or you can get one yourself. Fill in forms to join gym, as the gym is included in membership
      2/ Wrestling drills should be just drills and therefore less taxing, but you will need to ask the wrestling coach. I should think so as we have a lot of beginners
      3/ Yes all in Kings Heath – we have three lessons in Hockley but over 30 in Kings Heath per week


  19. Hi guys,

    Are classes on as normal this week ??


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